Soul Crafting and Refining Guide

Soul Crafting and Refining are ways to improve your gear by either, increasing the grade, or upgrading its stats. Soul Crafting can also improve the base stats of the item, whilst Refining cannot.

An example of an item:

- Enchant Effect -
This a result of Refining.

- Options -
This is a result of Soul Crafting.

How to get Souls?

Do not drop from anything, nor awarded.
Only obtained from Dismantle-ing an item.
The skill is at the bottom left of the inventory.

How to get Armour Powder and Weapon Powder?

Both can be monster drops.
Both are given as awards.
Cannot be obtained in any other way.

Soul Crafting
Soul Crafting is very simply put, using souls to improve an item's grade.
This is an example taken from the in-game journal.

Regular > Advanced > Special > Artifact > Legend

In order to Soul Craft, simply find your local Soul Crafting NPC, stereotypically, Julie.

then comes the actual crafting stage, drag the item you want to craft to the center, and an insurance scroll for insurance.

Insurance means that if the item fails in any way, it will not be damaged/harmed. Damaged/Harmed refers to the item either a. Destroying itself, b. Not upgrading and using materials, or c. Downgrading.

Refining is almost the same as Soul Crafting, Soul Crafting uses souls, refining uses powders.

Each level of Refining increases the cost.
Level 1 - 1 dust
Level 2 - 2 dust
Level 3 - 3 dust
and so on and so forth.
Of course, like Soul Crafting, the higher the level, the more riskier it is.

In order to Refine, find your local Blacksmith, otherwise known as Davi.


Drag in your items like Soul Crafting, and use a scroll for insurance if you want.

Credits: Hexism from Dragonica Forum


Anonymous said...

where can i get insurance scroll other than buying them from cash shop?

Joe Majewski said...

You can trade in your Silver Gada coins for them. I believe it's something like 20 silver coins can be traded for a single scroll.

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