Lokisama's Thief And Assassin Guide

Thief Skills:

To get you through the first 20 level's with ease i suggest using this build (this skill build is for assassin's and not jester's)

Air Combo Launch: 5/5 - This is really good skil in begin it can save you through big mobs by launching 6 enemies up in the air.

Cut Down: 5/5 - This is another good skill as there isnt any other skill that hits enemies who is in "fallen" mode and with maxed it launches 7 enemies up in air so this is good skill to break big mob's

Aerial Frenzy: 0/5 - i didn't spend points for this skill at all as its more suited for jester's if you like you can add points for it

Somersault kick: 0/5 - couldnt add points for this as i didnt add any for aerial frenzy yet another good skill for jester's add if you like to fight in air (im more of a ground person

Double attack: 5/5 - This is really good skill in the Thief class but becomes useless when you turn assassin so max it out for thief class and leave it 0 for assassin

Re-Launch: 0/5 - This skill is ment to use with Aerial Frenzy and Somersault kick it launches enemies up in air for you to do Aerial Frenzy

Venom: 0/5 - I found this skill complety useless it add's poison and knock's down enemie's but the dmg the poison does is so small that your better off just using normal attack with double attack skill

Rocket Punch: 5/5 - Ok bring out the big gun's this skill is really good it can attack a lot of enemies for a lot of damage and cause them to stun so this is really good mid-range skill for some bosses

Nosel Tuning: 5/5 - Max this if your planning to use Rocket Punch as it adds the damage done with Rocket Punch

Vitality: 0/5 or 5/5 - I didn't add any points for this you can add if you want little more Vit than normaly (if you dont like the clown head that comes from this skill go to option's click the Misc tab and click View Helmet)

Dexterity: 0/5 or 5/5 - Same as with Vitality didn't add any points for this skill and i was ok without it

At lv 20 take the quest to advance to assassin from the thief job npc in Port Of Wind she can be found near the My House portal Note: After you have done this quest you get Skill Reset scroll you can save this scroll if you like or you can sell it for lot's of money or you can just use it and reset all your skill's and get a lot of points to use for assassin skill's

Assassin Skills:

Poison Crasher: 0/5 or 5/5 - i added few points to this in the begin but stopped adding points as it turned out to be rather useless you can only inflict the poison status to the enemy if you attack him normaly but assassin mostly spam's their skill's so you hardly ever attack normaly

April Fool's: 0/5 or 5/5 - This skill is so-so this is closed range skill you need to be really close to the enemy and be directly front of him or behind him to use this skill if there is other enemies closely around him they will get caught in this also it will damage them and weaken their attack power for short duration of time

Ambush: 5/5 - This skill is like thief's Air Combo Launch it does little hurricane what makes the enemies send out flying around you at maxed level it can send 8 enemy flying

CLaw Blocking: 5/5 - This skill is godly with maxed you block almost every second attack the enemie's do but doesn't work that good with PvP but good for PvE

Violent Blow: 5/5 - Max it as soon as you can this is really one of the best skill's you can have at maxed it can attack up to 10 enemy so if your fightning big mob just use this and you make short work of them

Throwing Dagger: 5/5 - Ok this might sound crazy but i think this is the best skill for assassin im currently lv 32 with dagger mastery 3/5 and Throwing dagger 4/5 and im doing 20k damage to single enemy with this if you go close enough to enemy and do this skill all the dagger's will hit the enemy dealing 7 times the damage

Dagger Mastery: 5/5 - Max this with this skill maxed you can throw up to 7 dagger at time this dagger's will spread as you throw them so if there is scattered mob front of you just throw this in and it will hit most of them and whats good is that this has long range and godly damage.

Burrow: 1/5 - This skill is good for hiding from those AoE attack's some bosses do let's say Lavalon if he does that spell that hit's the entire zone just use burrow's and you be fine

Gimlet: 0/5 or 5/5 - If you like to use lot of burrow's i suggest getting this skill but this skill has some draw back's firslt it uses a lot of mp if you spam it a lot and you can't use potion's if your burrowed so you need to go back up and use potion secondly this skill only attack's where you were facing when you burrowed so if there isnt enemy front of you its useless to use this and enemie's thend to wander off if you use burrow

Shadow Walk: 2/5 or 5/5 - i left skill at 2 as i got skill points to use for more usefull skill's this is good skill if you like to PvP a lot but become's rather useless in boss fight's because if im correct bosses can see you even if you use this skill

Swift attack: 5/5 - This skill work's good in both PvP and PvE it can hit to all enemies in your screen at maxed it can hit up to 10 enemy in the screen so this is good for big mob's and godly in Emporian War where you fight 30 VS 30

Note: When your assassin you can still use and add points for thief skill's if you like but that means you got less point's to spend for assassin skill's

Gears: Well cant say much about this Dragonica has a lot different armor's to have for the player's and they have different rank but i suggest goes to your journal (Opens with letter J ) and clicking Item Tab and pressing the Recommended Equipment and hitting the Best Upgrade button it tell's you what gear's you should aim for your level

Leveling: So your looking for fast way to get level 20,40 and 60 then the answer is Mission Map's short for MM if you get good party with you i suggest getting 1 battle mage you can clrea even the most hardest mission map's in about 5min this method rank's you a lot of EXP and if your team is good you will get S rank everytime you beat the boss you can speed the leveling if you skip the boss meaning you exit the Mission map after you kill the last monster before boss room and always do Room 4 short for F4 as there is 4 maps where you kill monster's before boss

Now for the Mission Map's you should be doing at your level

Level 1-5: Vagabond it's the first real boss you will fight in Mission map

Level 5-10: Vegas its just upgraded version of Vagabond

Level 10-15: Giant Axe Brother Sangka this guy can be dangerouns look out for hes spin attack

Level 15-20: Giant Axe Brothe Kunkah upgraded versio of Sangka but even more deadly this time he can spin for 10 second and if you get caught in it it's almost 100% death

Level 20-25: Captain Hookah This can be little tough but with good party you can beat this guy easily and little tip when doing F4 only concentrate on killing the boss as the monster's will just keep respawning if you and your team has time you can easily just keep killing the respawned monsters as its unlimited and get some nice exp from killing them over and over again

Level 25-30: Alvida This is upgraded versio of Hookah and now it has 1 more skill she can summon red spear thingie's from air but its easily avoidable because before the skill activates there is little circle on the ground so just get away from the circle and your ok

Level 30-35: Artis Ok this time its serious this guy is tough not only does he have about 400k hp he has some deadly skill's and annoying minion's with unlimited spawn of skeleton's who throw's axe's you need to be really carefull here is when the battle mage really comes in handy if you got him/her in the party

Level 35-40: Ahtoo i dont know anything about this guy yet but he look's though

Note: i skipped boss called Lord of Night that boss is the worst to try level up in artist F4 there is around 200-300 enemy to kill before you reach the boss in the Lord of the night map you looking at like 50-60 monster before the boss so its not worth it

By this time you should have reached lv 40 and can start you quest for Ninja class i hope this guide was usefull for some of you and hope you succeed in the Ninja class

Credits: Lokisama from Dragonica Forum


Anonymous said...

do you know what stats i should put?

Anonymous said...

the man said that stats get put in automaticly,
now if your talking about what kinds of gear to get i would say AGI over STR, INT is NOT! needed whatsoever, and Health is also really not that needed since you will be dodging alot with AGI, so i would say go full AGI... AGI beats a STR Thief/Assassin in PvP anytime...

Anonymous said...

AGI beats STR but you'll be left with low HP to be picked out by high AIM characters.. when a high AIM gladiator catches you you're done for.. don't comment when you don't know what you're talking about.. makes you look like a NOOB.. lol..

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